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ROBERT ROY (Born 1957) Robert Roy, from Sainte-Perpétue, Quebec, has always been fond of the outdoors. He and his brothers were responsible for the upkeep of their skating rink. “Hockey or skating is so extraordinary.”

Roy has been painting for thirty years. He was nineteen years old when his father set up an easel in the middle of their kitchen. From that point on, he used every opportunity to draw and paint. Robert left his home town, travelling and visiting all the major cities in the world, all of which inspired his art. After returning to Quebec, Robert studied art at the Université du Quebec.

His paintings are characterized by freedom of movement and a lively expressionist style in which colour and emotion reign. Artist’s Statement: “My style is influenced by the fact that everything appeals to me and that every parcel of earth is a prized treasure to me.” Robert’s work is shown in Galleries across Canada.

His work has won a prize in the prestigious Concours Réves d’Automne in Baie St-Paul, Charlevoix, Quebec.