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Ben Wright draws from Native American ceremony, symbolism and tradition to attain the traits for which he strives in his life and work; Balance, Connectivity and Spirituality. Wright uses powerful imagery juxtaposed with intensely bold colors. He combines these two qualities with a sophisticated glazing technique to achieve his impressive creations.

Colors, numbers, and shapes play an integral and critical role within his work. The medicine wheel and the four directions of the wind, in particular, all define aspects of Self and teachings that are vital to the Plain's Indians traditions. For example, the colors red, yellow, black and white in connection with the Medicine Wheel offers a spiritual and symbolic meaning to his work. Each color symbolizes a direction of the wind and the animal spirit whose attributes reflect its inner being.

He often incorporates multi-media elements into his paintings to convey a special meaning or teaching.

Ben was the first Artist in Residence at the Remington Art Museum in New York and his work in their permanent collection. He has also exhibited at the Heard Museum of Phoenix, AZ. His collectors include corporate, museum and private collectors. Southwest Art Magazine, Art Talk and U.S. Art have featured his work.

"I try to create a dialog with my viewers. I often see those who stand so far back from artwork but I want to pull people in. I want to get them to admire the surface but also see beyond it. To see what is underneath."

-Ben Wright