Karyl Bennett by Goldenstein Gallery



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  • State/Province:AZ
  • Country:USA
  • City:Sedona
  • State/Province:AZ
  • Country:USA

Karyl paints in a variety of styles from traditional watercolors to her current fascination with what she calls ‘Acrylic Fusion’. Perfecting a method to capture her emotions, Karyl paints with acrylics and ink on the underside of Plexiglas which results in luminosity, depth and sense of movement. Once the Plexiglas is mounted, she builds and texturizes the surrounding area to complement the painting and express her personal symbolism.

The inspiration for several of these pieces came from watching friends struggle with adversity. They speak to not only surviving problems with dignity, but supporting, nurturing and holding the next generation on our shoulders to lead the way. Our humanity is found in our compassion for others and our willingness to engage in life, not just to float on the surface. And may it all be done with joy and a good sense of humor!

‘My goal is to engage you emotionally… For you to find meaning for yourself. I want you to be involved in the work, to find new things in it all the time. My wish is that you to stand before it and ask questions, not have all the answers with a quick glance’.