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  • City:Cape Coral
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Award winning artist Dennis Elliott started working in wood in 1972. Self-taught, his focus and major concentration has been on large burl wood vessels, “Wall Sculptures” and Interactive Orbital pieces with frequent use of sandblasting, carving or burning the wood and often incorporating alabaster, exotic woods, semi-precious stones and/or metal in the object.

In the year 2000 began developing the Gemini, Gemini Orbital and Orbital Axis Series of interactive art. Says Elliott “The whole concept of the series is to be able to rotate the piece on its base whenever one wishes to give it a different look. I feel this involves the viewer in the actual artistic process.”

His work is highly prized and collected both by individuals and corporations. Elliott’s distinctive his work is featured in several museums including:
Gallery of Art & Design, North Carolina State University,Raleigh, North Carolina
Museum of Arts & Design, (formerly American Craft Museum) - New York, New York
Arkansas Art Center, Decorative Arts Museum - Little Rock, Arkansas
The Contemporary Museum of Art - Honolulu, Hawaii
Craft & Folk Art Museum - Los Angeles, California
The Detroit Institute of Arts - Detroit, Michigan
Los Angeles County Museum of Art - Los Angeles, California
The Mabel Brady Garven Collection, Yale University Art Gallery - New Haven, Connecticut
The Mint Museum of Craft & Design - Charlotte, North Carolina
Mobile Museum of Art, (formerly, Fine Arts Museum of the South) - Mobile, Alabama
Museum of Fine Arts - Boston, Massachusetts
Renwick Gallery of the Smithsonian American Art Museum - Washington, D.C.
The Slater Museum - Norwich, Connecticut
University of Michigan Museum - Ann Arbor, Michigan
The Charles A. Wustum Museum of Fine Arts - Racine, Wisconsin