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Steve Goldenstein founded Studio Iron in 2001 as a much needed source for premium, hand-forged iron work. Using techniques eveloped throughout the ages coupled with modern technology, he strives to produce pieces as unique as the individual it is designed for.

Forged iron is a process of heating raw metal, then hammering, twisting and bending it to the desired shapes. This creates subtle scaling that allows us to guarantee that each piece is unique in its scaling and finish. All pieces are then welded into the final product and ground down to produce a clean finish.

Many other wrought iron companies produce their work from decorative steel pieces purchased through catalogues and produced in other countries. Studio Iron still fabricates each piece by hand in our Arizona studio. Their craftsmen are highly skilled in the art of forge work and are able to produce almost any shape desired.

Studio Iron’s gates, doors, rails, grills, etc. are found in some of the finest residential and commercial projects in the western United States. He has completed projects in the Metro Phoenix area, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Park City, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe, and Atlanta.

Visit their photo galleries to view samples of their work. They are more than willing to accommodate any special requests and their design team will help you visualize your ideal product.