Jourdan Dern Powers by Goldenstein Gallery



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I dreamed of becoming a painter when I was a child in Wausau, Wisconsin, influenced by frequent visits with my mother to the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum. Along with an active cultural community, Wausau offered an environment of great natural beauty and abundant wildlife. With all this inspiration around me, I felt compelled to draw, observe and interpret nature at an early age. I also felt drawn to music and studied Suzuki violin for eleven years, performing throughout the state in my teens. These passions and joys of my youth - art, nature and music - continue to inspire my creativity today.

Whenever I paint, I play music. Music stimulates emotions in me that translate into colors, strokes and textures that enrich my original visions and evoke a deeper connection to my work. I’m intimately involved with my art because I always paint what I feel, what I love and what I wish to honor.

In 1988, I attended the University of Minnesota and studied Studio Arts. A visit to Sedona in 1993 precipitated a move to Arizona. Living with the unique, dramatic beauty of this high desert region, captivated by its diverse environments and wildlife, my artistic visions expanded and transformed. Jourdan’s medium of choice is acrylic paint on clayboard which allows the artist to create soft and stunningly detailed paintings with a smooth finish.