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Kevin McCarthy was born in White Plains, New York in 1955. He was brought up and educated in Scarsdale, New York and Westport, Conn. His exposure to the world of art began at an early age, in the painting studio of his father, Frank McCarthy. He developed a passion for sculpture that led him, at age 15, to Italy where he studied the public works of Michelangelo and many other Renaissance masters.

His formal studies started in High School studying under Jim Wheeler, a student of Rodin, and continued at Northern Arizona University studying anatomy and bronze casting under Tuck Williams. Kevin used the University foundry at N.A.U. to cast his first editions of bronzes that were sold by prestigious galleries in Chicago, New York, and Dallas. Kevin then attended Wooster Art School, where he studied under Alexander Shundi and Roger Prince. Kevin Graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science in 1982.

After working in foundries, including Fenn Bronze, N.A.U. Foundry, Wooster Art Foundry and Buffalo Bronze, Kevin discovered a love for working directly in wax, which has become his primary sculpture medium.

Kevin’s love of western lore and the history and culture of native Americans, has inspired him to create a series of sculptures based on themes of the old west.

Recently his passion for the performing arts has led him to start a series of sculptures based on his sketches of modern dance performances. Since 1975 Kevin has been creating sculptures that are enjoyed by art collectors around the world. His devotion to detail and pursuit of perfection has earned him a loyal following of sculpture enthusiasts.