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A native of Arkansas, Allen Powell spent a good deal of time in the Ozarks, just to the West, exploring the mountains, wildlife and vibrant colors of Spring, Summer, and Fall. This exposure to nature at an early age left an indelible impression. From the Ozarks to the Sierras and Rockies of the West, and to the Himalayas of Nepal, he is fascinated by the line, color and texture of the natural world. Through the use of pencil and brush he has been able to satisfy the urge to create his unique expression of the world around us.

Painting has always been a passion for Allen From early formative years, a dual focus has drawn him to both nature and the human form. Trained traditionally, he has gradually moved away from realistic interpretations of the subject to a more impressionistic or abstracted imagery. Essentially he has become more and more influenced by what is inside and less by the details of the subject from which he draws inspiration.

Allen’s years of effort have granted him the vision to see what lies beneath the surface, and the courage and skill to pursue it. He has attempted, through the use of impressionism, to interpret actual locations with an eye toward their abstract qualities. Of course, everything in life can be considered abstract, depending on our frame of reference. The Sedona area and the Telluride area of the Rockies are his favorite locations for inspiration.