Lucius Upshaw by Goldenstein Gallery



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  • City:Redding
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Sculptor, Lucius (Mitch) Upshaw, has been creating works of lasting beauty for over forty years. Coming from a family of artists, he began painting and sculpting at a young age. He specialized in sculpture while attending Humboldt State University in Arcata, California (where he earned his degree) and worked closely with internationally known sculptor, Melvin Schuler.

For decades, Upshaw made stunning creations using the direct carved method with wood and stone mediums. Later he began working in metal casting, metal fabrication, copper sculptures (several with water features), and bronze castings. His bronze sculptures are produced in limited editions of thirty or less. Upshaw is also an accomplished painter, working strictly in oils. His favored subjects are figurative, wildlife, and landscapes.

Versatility and originality emanate from the work of Upshaw. His human and animal forms are contemporary, smooth, and expressive. Some evoke a sense of happiness and cheer while others portray strength and pure beauty of form. His large scale copper clad reliefs and sculpture in the round have led to impressive commissions such as his Spiraling River copper fountain created for the City of Redding at the welcome sign.

Upshaw has shown his work extensively throughout the United States. His work is in the hands of many businesses and private collectors. Commissions are always welcome.