Shane McDermott by Goldenstein Gallery



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Additional Sizing Available for Framed Metal Prints: 11"x17" $400; 16"x24" $700; 24” x 36” $1400; 30"x45" $2300 .........
Sizing for Loose Fine Art Paper Prints (non-matted): 11"x17" $125; 16"x24" $300; 24"x36" $475; 30"x45" ask for pricing.....

Sizing for Fine Art Paper Prints (Matted): 11"x17" $150; 16" x 24" $350;  24"x36 $525 .......


Shane first discovered nature photography while on safari in Africa during the summer of 2004. It was these first experiences behind the camera that captured his heart and imagination, igniting a deep passion and desire to learn and master the craft of photography. Shane’s fascination with nature, felt like it had deep and distant roots reaching back his early childhood days. Countless hours as a youngster, were spent either in nature, or drawing images of nature and wildlife. With his discovery of photography, it seemed to be the perfect creative opportunity to rekindle and re-imagine his lifelong love and relationship to the natural world.

Quickly it became apparent that many of Shane’s early explorations and skills developed through drawing would serve him powerfully in the art of photography. On one hand he could easily display an expressive understanding for the fundamentals like, composition, light, shape, texture, lines of tension and direction. However, to truly master the craft of photography, Shane needed to spend endless hours learning to control and re-shape these various elements though the instrument of his camera. Inspired by the masters, both past and present, Shane remains committed in this digital era to the vanishing art seeing, understanding and fully harnessing the available light in ways that captures the grandeur and elusive essence of natures beauty.

Shane strives to push both the edges of his art and capacities to see and relate to the natural world in extraordinary and meaningful ways. He invites viewer to join him on a journey of celebration and discovery, exploring our planets endless wonders of life and beauty. Through each fleeting moment and epic expression of nature, he hopes to stir the emotions and imaginations of all who see his images, inspiring them to step up and step out into the fascinating and quickly vanishing world of nature.

Currently, Shane’s images are being seen, used and distributed world wide, through various venues and forms of media including, fine art galleries, book publications, calendars, conservation organizations and web publications. Professionally Shane has been recognized and acclaimed as one of the most innovative and evocative up and coming photographers of his era. So come and enjoy Shane’s unique and astonishing perspectives as he continues to venture into the heart of some of natures most miraculous moments!