Carla Romero by Goldenstein Gallery



  • City:

    La Veta

  • State/Province:CO
  • Country:USA
  • City:La Veta
  • State/Province:CO
  • Country:USA

Carla Romero, a self-taught artist has been drawing since she was a young child and painting for over 25 years.

Born in Colorado, Romero feels a strong connection to mountains, nature and wildlife; but also a bond with the Native Americans and the southwest. Her ancestors are from Northern New Mexico and her great grandmother is of Acoma Pueblo heritage, which defines her love for painting pueblo scenes. In 1987 she visited the Taos Pueblo for the first time, which was an awakening of her art and vision and launched her pursuit of a professional career. Since then, Romero has achieved much acclaim as a painter of the southwest.

She paints mainly in watercolor, but also works with acrylics on canvas. Romero’s extraordinary and bold usage of color is clearly only one of the defining elements that one might use in describing the feeling and emotion that her work evokes. Her paintings are exhibited in fine art galleries throughout Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, North Carolina and Montana.

Romero and her paintings have also been the subject of many magazine and newspaper articles. Her work has been on the covers of High Plains Literary Review, Taos Magazine and New Mexico Traveler, etc. Because of the great demand for her work, her paintings and limited edition prints are highly collectable and are part of commercial and private collections throughout the United States and abroad.

An important facet of Romero’s work is her strong belief that her ideas and creativity are gifts from God. She starts each painting with a prayer and ends with an expression of thanks, therefore there is a deep spiritual awareness that one discovers in her work.