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(1925 - 2019)

Adele Seronde, comes from a long line of painters, weavers, woodworkers, and poets. Both painter and poet, as well as a community and environmental activist, her family has been central to her life. She has had numerous solo exhibitions in this country and in Italy, mostly landscapes in oil on canvas. Throughout her career she studied under Karl Knaths at the Phillips Museum in Washington D.C. and Bennington College in Vermont. Her paintings have been exhibited internationally and at the Vigna Nuova Gallery in Florence, Italy.

Known for her unique style of painting she does not use an easel. Instead she prefers to lay the canvas flat on the ground, often placing additional canvases around it expanding the painting.

She does some portraits as well. She has written several poetry books including Deliver into Green and her most recent work Our Sacred Garden –The Living Earth.

Her current work as a painter focuses on the gardens she loves and she sees the garden as both a symbolic and an actual way of changing and healing our selves, our communities, and our planet.