Mike Medow by Goldenstein Gallery



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Mike Medow is a wood carver who deals with symmetries and shifting centers as if he had written a master thesis on that subject. From an innate sensitivity and intuition come the subtleties within Medow's compositions.

He says of his sculpting “A worthwhile work of art must have true holding and staying power. It should be something of which one will not tire. Truly important art will summon the viewer back repeatedly and always offer new intrigue and interest on several different levels.” The fact that Medow is a carver is quite significant, in that sculpture is as much a tactual art form as it is a visual form. The carver, more than any other sculptor, uses his hands and chisel as a sense organ while creating his work. Medow uses very few power tools. He is constantly touching and feeling the sculpture's surface to decide how and where to proceed. He consequently learned that touch is of extreme importance in perceiving and understanding his art. As a result, it will always be the carver who encourages the viewer to touch.