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Forrest Old owns the Red Filter Gallery, a virtual exhibition, non-profit, space for emerging fine art photographers with an interest in monochromatic imagery. Operated as a physical Gallery for 5 years and now as a web based exhibition vehicle designed to promote specific artists and their work on a monthly basis, Red Filter Gallery is an international platform for its photographers. Last year viewers from 80 countries visited the websites we operate. There are no costs incurred by featured photographers and no commissions charged on sold work.

As publisher of the web site BWGallerist, Forrest and his photographer network have cataloged over 400 articles on the subject of Black and White fine art photography and is used as another promotion vehicle for the Red Filter Gallery artists.

With a keen interest in contemporary fine art photography, Forrest established the Red Filter Gallery in 2010 with the intent of bringing emerging and mature modern photographic image makers to the public eye. His personal photography complements the mission of the Gallery but the focus is on those guest artists featured in monthly exhibits.