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Jim grew up in a small town along the banks of the Mississippi River in Iowa, where at the age of nine he began collecting fossils and agates amongst the limestone cliffs and gravel pits by the river. Summer vacations were rock collecting in Nebraska, Wyoming, Montana, Canada and purchasing rare finds in rock shops. In his early teens he became quite proficient at jewelry making but it did not sooth his soul, until his later teens he started working with stain glass and polished agate.

Jim moved to Minneapolis, MN where he began a career in the construction industry all the while perfecting his stone art. Jim has sold his art in many professional galleries and shows in Minnesota. His lamps and window art are in homes throughout the United States. Since 2007, he now lives in Arizona but still hikes and collects agate throughout the state.

"While I lived in the Midwest, Fall became my most favorite time of the year. I would often hike the forest's and climb the limestone cliffs all the while taking in the sights, sounds, textures and smells of the Earth as it is getting ready for Winter. My art opens the door to your sense of wonderment and invites you to see and feel the awe of God's creation from the fire of the Earth."