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Alexei Antonov was born in Russia in 1957. He was classically trained in the prominent Russian Academy of Art in Moscow, which gave him a solid foundation for the future development  and quality rarely found among young artists. He studied the techniques of the Flemish Masters: Rubens, Van Dyke, Snyders, and others, in search of achieving refined detail, subtle tone and most importantly to capture the light and glow within the canvas. His thirst for knowledge and perfection guided him to continually strive for movement, character and elegance in still life subject matter. <br>
After completing classical training in Moscow, Antonov embarked on a journey to Italy. Fascinated by the Italian MAsters, he went on to study their style and compositions. He beautifully incorporated the influence of the Italian school with his already established Flemish style. Rich colors and exacting detail were achieved by applying numerous layers of thin, transparent paint and glazes. Time, patience and love for art are reflected in each painting, regardless of size.<br>
More recently Antonov has moved away from the strict realism for which he became renowned, and begun to explore a more loose and open impressionistic style.