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Alexander Dzigurski II has received national recognition and success for his powerful seascapes and landscapes. His paintings, with their rich palette of color, attract art collectors from all over the country.
Born in 1968, Mr. Dzigurski is the son of Alex Dzigurski Sr. (1911-1995), the internationally acclaimed seascape artist. A 1990 graduate of the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Mr. Dzigurski continued his artistic education under the professional guidance of his late father. Painting from life, Mr. Dzigurski has forged a successful career in the world of fine art.
Finding much inspiration painting in the field (en plein air), the artist travels to many different locations. Subjects for Mr. Dzigurski's paintings include the Big Sur coastline, Monterey Peninsula, the Sierra Nevadas, Grand Tetons, Canadian Rockies, Yosemite, the Mendocino coast and pastoral California landscapes.
Mr. Dzigurski's strong palette of colors and unique technique have appealed to a wide variety of fine art collectors. These traits, coupled with outstanding composition and brushwork, have garnered the artist national recognition from his peers. In 1999, Mr. Dzigurski II received the honor of becoming a Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America.
Alexander Dzigurski II continues to find his greatest joy and inspiration through nature by painting amidst her glory. The artist is represented by six galleries nationally. He resides in California with his wife Michelle, and their two young children.