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Vasiliy Nicholayevich Gribennikov was born in Rosotov on the Don, Russia in 1951. At a very early age, he displayed an artistic talent by drawing and painting the exquisite marine and still life scenes of the Don river. In 1970 he was accepted into the prestigious Kubansky Art and Graphic University, and upon graduating with honors, he was invited to join the staff of the elite and world-renowned N.E. Repin Art Institute. In 1980 Vasiliy began to exhibit his paintings in Europe and throughout Russia.
Presently, Mr. Gribennikov is well known in Europe, North America, and Saudi Arabia, where many of his paintings have been acquired by private collectors and art brokers. During his exhibits in France, he admired the works of the French impressionists like Galien LaLou and Edward Cortes, and while in Italy, he was fascinated with the beauty of the countryside, Venice canals, and still life works in the museums by Italian masters.
As an artist of great diligence, he captures the beauty all around us and within us, and formulates his goal in terms of stability and calmness. In his own words "What I paint must not only please me, but the public as well". Gribennikov also manifests a broad artistic range, painting from romantic to nostalgic scenes, to visions of the past. His canvases reflect impressionistic and Flemish styles, while maintaining his own composition. His technical skills and intuition for color and light allow his canvas to capture the spirit of things as they were in the past.