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With her vivid, harmonious palette, in symphonies of pinks, mauves and yellows, Lorraine Jordan captures the subjects and landscapes of southern France with deceptive simplicity and remarkable subtilety.
Her paintings ring true because they portray, with love, the harmony of her living environment in its setting of luxuriant nature where the olives and the cypresses stand guard over the vines, living symbols of the Mediterranean sun.
Lorraine Jordan was born in Nîmes, in the south of France, on September 19th 1941. She has always been attracted to painting but it is only, as she approched 30, after the birth of her third child, that she decided to unrole in the Nîmes School of Fine Arts to persue her childhood dreams and study painting and drawing.
Her teacher there urged her to master colour and thus set her out on a path which was to become her passion. But is it also her family links with the famous painter of Provence, Frédéric Bazille that had something to do with it, bubbling up a century later and bring her to this way ?
Since 1979, Lorraine Jordan has built herself a national and international career with an unfailing regularity yet constant innovation in her painting.