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Jian-Ye Liu was born in 1972. He graduated from Xe Beihong Art Institute in Beijing in 1997 and quickly immersed himself in his career as a serious artist.
His first show was a group exhibition in Singapore in 1998, followed quickly by a prestigious annual exhibition in China in 1999. His work was accepted and recieved unprecedented acclaim at an important group show at the Y.S. Trade Center in Beijing in 2000.
On the heels of his success at the Y.S. Trade Center exhibition, he traveled to Giverny, Brittany, and Provence, France to do a series of sketches for his oil paintings. The result of his travels and hard work is evident in his current breadth of work.
Liu's paintings of gardens and ponds are ethereal, soft and dreamy. He is a genius at blending colors and creating scenes with natural, yet mysterious, haunting beauty.
His work was shown at the China Artexpo 2001 and was discovered here in the United Staes at the International Artexpo in New York, 2002. This emerging young talent already has an impressive list of collectors in Singapore, Japan, Korea and the United States. He promises to be an important addition to the art scene.