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Char Michelson is a classic on-site painter with influences filtered down from the French Fauves. She paints with the vision, color and verve of such painters as Van Gogh, Vlaminck and Derain.
She was born in Pittsburgh, PA in 1944 and attended the University of Kansas where she graduated with a BA in Design and a Minor in Advertising. She spent most of her life traveling and has lived in Europe and in many states in America. After raising their two children, J.T. and Sam, she became an Art Director at an advertising agency in Atlanta, GA. In 1992, after a move to the beautiful central coast of California, she began her lifelong ambition to become an oil painter, painting scenes all along the central coast, from Carmel to Huntington Beach. She now lives and paints in Austin, Texas.
Her paintings grace the homes of many collectors worldwide. She has won many awards for her oil paintings, some of which include the 23rd Annual Faber Birren National Color Award Show, 38th Annual Open National Exhibition of the San Bernardino County Museum, Landscape, International Exhibition, Bold Expressions, 46th Annual International Exhibition.
Michelson paints powerfully, using thick vivid strokes, depicting each scene in wild and beautiful color, with only a suggestion of reality. Ms. Michelson seeks out nostalgic scenes using arbitrary colors, rhythm, and vibration.