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Matthew Morillo, born 1972 in Carmel, California. He discovered his ability to draw and design at a young age. However it was not until 1992 that Matthew Morillo began an intense training program under the guidance of his famous father Andres Morillo.
Matthew Morillo studied all the great masters including Bonnard, Degas, Homer, Modigliani, Matisse, Sargent, Van Gogh, Vuillard, and others. From these masters he learned to use color to give a new perspective to his work.
After going through a traditional training in watercolors, Matthew Morillo soon discovered the full realm of color. He started to mix watercolor and pastel to create a traditional form with a twist. As time went on, he transitioned into pure pastels, and then completely into oils. Matthew Morillo loves to create innovative and beautiful compositions, each with its own style. Not only does he use color to its fullest potential, he makes use of patterns in his painting to capture the eye of the viewer. Matthew Morillo is becoming increasingly well known for his figurative works. He portrays women in a unique and wonderful way, sometimes whimsical, sometimes sensual, and sometimes serious.
Matthew Morillo is well on his way to becoming one of the leading artists of the 21st Century. His style and training have given him a good foundation and his paintings can already be found in some of the world's greatest collections.