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(1959 - 2011)
Alexander Popoff was born in Potsdam, East Germany in 1959. His father was a renowned Russian painter who encouraged young Alexander to begin painting at an early age. He often traveled with his family throughout Russia exploring the beautiful countryside. Inspired by the magnificent scenery around him Alexander decided he would paint the countryside of his beautiful homeland.
At the age of 18, he was accepted at the prestigious Moscow Art Institute and graduated with honors. Alexander Popoff’s classical training combined with an extraordinary talent elevated him to a position of national recognition. Today he is considered one of the most important Russian artists of the new generation.
Alexander Popoff manifested a broad artistic range, painting timeless romantic scenes to nostalgic visions of day’s gone bye. While maintaining his own sense of style, one can see the influences of Impressionism and Flemish painting in his works. His technical skills and intuition of color and light allowed his canvases to capture the spirit of his subjects with true emotion. Further influenced by the renowned French painter Edouard Cortes, Alexander also captured the street scenes of Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Paris. The coalescence of his influences, training, and his talent have made Alexander Popoff one of today’s premiere Russian artists.