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Bonafe was born in the town of Caux (Herault) in Southern France in 1932. He made his way to Paris in the mid fifties and settled in the heart of Montmartre a few steps from “Place du Tertre”. At the time, a mecca for young artists. There he met the denizens of “La Butte”, upcoming painters, writers and sculptors.
Swept into a creative fever, Bonafe decided to become a painter. He started with render- ings of Montmatrestreet scenes, trying to emulate the famous artist Utrillo.
His Passion and gift replaced the lack of schooling and he started to develop a style of his own. He rapidly acquired technique, originality and his own artistic personality, while paying respect to the masters of yesteryear.
In the sixties he moved back to Southern France (Montpellier) and started showing his work in local galleries.
His Style showed a spare composition, quick drawing and a relatively sober palette, rich in nuances. In time his palette evolved. Richer, warmer reds and purples began inhabiting his canvases.
Bonafe, on occaision reveals himself a good sculptor, although painting remains his passion. He maintains a privileged relationship with the great French writer J. Deltoit. In a few words, Bonafe is a true artist, who lives for, and through his art.