Mr Ifeanyi Ugwoke

Visual artist

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Zebra Problem V by Mr Ifeanyi Ugwoke - Masterpiece Online

Zebra Problem V

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    Mr Ifeanyi Ugwoke

  • Size:61 X 69
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  • Medium:Oil
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$555.56


Ifeanyi’s art is a weapon for fighting for those who are not armed and are victims of abuse. “Zebra problem” is thus a series of paintings that address the prevalence of child sexual abuse; which has growing problem today. As a victim himself, Ifeanyi portrays his character as a style so that the average person in the society can resonate emotionally with the piece. In these works, Ugwoke portrays the children as victims using a zebra symbolism of white stripes, while the Tiger is artistically represented in the works as the abuser; i.e the Zebra is a prey to the Tiger.

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