Mr Toby Emmanuel

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African Lady by Mr Toby Emmanuel - Masterpiece Online

African Lady

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    Mr Toby Emmanuel

  • Size:101 X 101
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  • Medium:Paintings
  • Product type:UNIQUE
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The African woman is a queen, she is a Goddess, she is a mother, she is a sister, she is a teacher, she is an aunty, she is responsible for the transfer of knowledge and life to her offspring. How else can one describe an embodiment of greatness? She keeps a strong smile even when she is sad, she helps others keep their heads high in trying times, she is welcoming and she can bring peace to any existing being with her magical touch. She strongly represents intelligence, visionary, effortless and a selfless giver. This piece was inspired by the attributes and qualities that makes an African woman beautiful without and form of blemish.

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