Martin Keey


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  • City:West Bend
  • State/Province:WI
  • Country:Not Available
Recovering Humans: Pa... by  Martin Keey - Masterpiece Online

Recovering Humans: Pa...

  • Artist Name:

    Martin Keey

  • Size:18 X 12
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
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  • Medium:Photography
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$250.00


"Paul and I were living in our car for about 2 years. Paul was in an accident and got a traumatic brain injury. I was looking for a job so all we had was Paul's Social Security benefits. The bills were too much and we eventually lost everything. It's been tough as I'm diabetic and need insulin shots. We were keeping it in a cooler in the car with us and tried to find ice to keep it "refrigerated". We found a non-profit that would help so I was able to store my insulin in their refrigerator in their office. That was a blessing as we had to go there daily anyway to check in on our progress. I just got a job at a gas station but still needed their assistance with the rent and security deposit. The new place is great and close to my new job. It's so big compared to living in the car. The first day we just walked from room to room, we can hardly believe it's ours." A portion of the proceeds goes to Family Promise.

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