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Japanese polychrome painting depicting the mythical fox wedding procession (kitsune yomeiri) literally "Fox Wedding." The bride being taken in procession to the husband's home. The large procession of foxes depicted in wealthy nobleman's attire as they proceed through a series of Shinto torii gates. The veiled lady and palanquin is escorted by three fox samurai, all identifiable by their stiff kataginu vests with projecting shoulders. One of the samurai carries a sheathed spear. Others in the procession wear happi, or samurai attendant's jackets. These attendants carrying lanterns with flaming hoju no tama (jewels of wish fulfillment) painted on them, or bear lacquered boxes on staves, part of the bride’s trousseau or dowry. The painting mounted as a kakejiku, hanging scroll, with silk brocade mounts. Painted by Nikka Tanaka (?-1845) a Shij? School painter born in Kyoto who was a student of Okamoto Toyohiko. Although Nikka Tanaka is better known for landscape and kachoga (bird & flower

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