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JAPANESE MIZUYA by    - Masterpiece Online


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Japanese Mizuya-dansu (Pantry Chest). Made by furniture artist Tsuguo Kitano in 1974. Constructed entirely out of Keyaki wood (Zelkova wood or Japanese Red Elm) case and drawer fronts and Kiri wood (Paulownia wood or Empress wood) interiors with re-purposed cast iron hardware dating to the 19th century. This is a hand crafted piece of furniture with hand finished surfaces. The Japanese do not work from plans but rather lay out a "keel" board and work up from that...Consequently no two chests are ever exactly alike. Over all dimensions 67 1/4" high X 67" wide X 19" deep Constructed in two sections each measuring 34" high X 67" wide X 19" deep and 33 1/4" high X 67" wide X 19" deep respectively.

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