Liz Wolf

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  • City:Sante Fe
  • State/Province:NM
  • Country:Not Available
Standing Watch Monume... by  Liz Wolf - Masterpiece Online

Standing Watch Monume...

  • Artist Name:

    Liz Wolf

  • Size:82 X 28 X 28 X 0
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  • Medium:Bronze Limited Edition
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 10


"My love for animals in nature has always stirred my soul and has been a source of inspiration. When spending time in Northern Wisconsin, the deer would honor me with their presence, but only for a glimpse…it was like magic. I remember one sunny warm fall day walking in a field of high grass and finding large patches of padded down “nests” where deer had slept the night before. I laid down and took a cat nap. I often find myself combining the animal spirit with the human form. In the deer “Standing Watch” I see a very powerful deer spirit, but having gentle and guardian qualities as well. He has great vision and clarity. His hearing is equally acute. The Antlers have been said to be symbols of antennae….connections to higher forms of attunement, teaching us not only to pay attention to all that surrounds us but also our inner thoughts and perceptions. We must pay attention to any animal that captivates us. They are here to teach us many things. To share animal spirit with ou

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