Andy Warhol

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Marilyn Monroe (Gray) by  Andy Warhol - Masterpiece Online

Marilyn Monroe (Gray)

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    Andy Warhol

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  • Medium:Lithograph
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(After) Andy Warhol (1928-1987, USA) "Marilyn Monroe" (in gray) is a limited edition serigraph of one of Warhol's most historically significant pieces. It is the Limited "CMOA" (Carnegie Museum of Art) Edition with stamp on the Verso in blue ink. Printed on heavy stock "museum board" with the highest quality archival inks. It is numbered 1968/2400 in pencil on the bottom left and is plate signed in the bottom right. These are highly sought after by collectors for their size, quality, rarity and color variety. The piece measures 24" x 24" and it ships free in the US. Illustrator Andy Warhol was one of the most prolific and popular artists of his time, using both avant-garde and highly commercial sensibilities. He was a successful magazine and ad illustrator who became a leading artist of the 1960s Pop Art movement. He ventured into a wide variety of art forms, including performance art, film-making, video installations and writing, and controversially blurred the lines between fi

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