Braque, Miro`, Dubuffet and others

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Revue XXe by  Braque, Miro`, Dubuffet and others  - Masterpiece Online

Revue XXe

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    Braque, Miro`, Dubuffet and others

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    Rare Books

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Revue XXe si├Ęcle, 6, 1956, [20th Century Review] with original prints by Braque, Miro, Dubuffet and others. Nouvelle Series XXe Siecle 6 [New Twentieth Century Series 6.] LE PAPIER COLLE DU CUBISME A NOS JOURS [Cubism Added Paper Today.] Cahiers d'?Art, San Lazzaro, Paris, 1956. With full page pochoir [stencil] in color by Braque, Laurens, Arp, Miro, Magnelli, Dubuffet. Cover design by Braque. Original prints by several of the 20th Century Masters! Ships free in the US.

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