Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

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Lautrec; Museum Portf... by  Henri de Toulouse Lautrec - Masterpiece Online

Lautrec; Museum Portf...

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    Henri de Toulouse Lautrec

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  • Medium:Lithograph
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(After Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec) 4 of 12 lithographs reproduced by Albert Carman from the Philadelphia Museum portfolio of 1946 curated by Carl Zigroser, published by American Studio Books, Home Press, NY and London. Original artwork by French artist, Toulouse- Lautrec (1864-1901) created 1893. This collection includes cover page and title page; "Etude du Femme;" "Yvette Guilbert;" "Porquoi Pas;" and "La Modiste." Unframed pieces ship free to U.S. address. Four Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec lithographs from the Philadelphia Museum of Art Portfolio. Each measures 17" x 13" and the set includes the title page and description. We keep these in a portfolio booklet, but they can easily be framed or displayed to your liking.

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