Jean-Michel Basquiat

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The Dingoes That Park... by  Jean-Michel Basquiat - Masterpiece Online

The Dingoes That Park...

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    Jean-Michel Basquiat

  • Size:11.25 X 15
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  • Medium:Lithograph
  • Product type:LIMITED EDITION OF 150
  • Price:$500.00


Jean-Michel Basquiat (1960-1988) “The Dingoes That Park Their Brains with Their Gum” - This reproduction is a limited edition (of/150) lithograph with a printed signature and moniker of Basquiat in the margin. It is based on the original 100 by 114-inch acrylic and oil stick on canvas that the artist painted in 1988. The unframed sheet measures approximately 11.25 x 11 inches. Depicted are three comic figures of dingoes (Australian wild scavenger dogs) set against a blue background. In the 1880’s, dingoes were exterminated by several methods including a fence that was built from coast to coast that prevented the animals from the fertile land that would have been their food source. Basquiat may have likened their plight to racial segregation, exclusion and suppression to the larger economic interest.

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