Louis Icart

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Persian Cat by  Louis Icart - Masterpiece Online

Persian Cat

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    Louis Icart

  • Size:27 X 23
  • Frame Size:27 X 23
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  • Medium:Etching
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$395.00


Louis Icart (1888 – 1950, France) - "Persian Cat" (1923) is an art print of a curly haired lady holding a Persian cat. This vintage piece is oval in shape and professionally double matted in black frame. It is signed, measures 27" x 23" and ships free in the USA. Louis Icart was born in Toulouse, France. He began drawing at an early age. He was particularly interested in fashion, and became famous for his sketches almost immediately. He worked for major design studios at a time when fashion was undergoing a radical change-from the fussiness of the late nineteenth century to the simple, clingy lines of the early twentieth century. His sensuous, erotic portrayals of women are often accompanied by a horse, dog or cat. His drawings are soft and flowing, and exude a humorous side. The women are almost always smiling. Icart amassed popularity and wealth with work distributed worldwide. His images encapsulate the cultural moment of Art Deco. Icart fought in World War I. He relied on

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