Wayne Ensrud

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Reciprocity by  Wayne Ensrud - Masterpiece Online


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    Wayne Ensrud

  • Size:24 X 18
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  • Medium:Acrylic
  • Product type:UNIQUE
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Wayne Ensrud (b. 1934, USA) “Reciprocity” (2015) is an 18 x 24-inch acrylic, fabric and paper painting on canvas by the well-known and multi-talented painter, art director, animator, and art teacher. According to Ensrud, 'This lively yet peaceful composition celebrates the joys of pure color. Luminous washes merge into the composition creating a misty essence upon which boldly defined patterns contrast in a free yet orderly manner. At the center is a detailed cool-toned combination of energetic, Impressionist-like brushstrokes to counter the warmly colored radiant background.' An inventive innovation, this mixed media abstract painting presents a unified composition of light and color. Note: Upon sale of this work of art, it will be hand-signed by the artist for the purchaser prior to delivery. Wayne Ensrud is an internationally known and acclaimed artist who has had over 60 exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Mexico and Japan.

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