Orient & Flume

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  • City:Chico
  • State/Province:CA
  • Country:United States
Orient & Flume 1984 p... by  Orient & Flume  - Masterpiece Online

Orient & Flume 1984 p...

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    Orient & Flume

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  • Medium:Modern
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$300.00


Orient & Flume 1984 passion flower paperweight, by Bruce Sillars. A large white passions flower, its petals edged with a hint of green, displays a diaphanous pink center with a tuft of orange stamens at its core, and seems pinned across a black opaque cushion by stems, leaves, buds and tendrils that reach downward to the base. Signed/dated. Diameter 3".

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