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  • City:Selkirk
  • State/Province:Not Available
  • Country:Great Britain
Michael Hunter Dizzy... by  Twists Glass Studio - Masterpiece Online

Michael Hunter "Dizzy...

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    Twists Glass Studio

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    Sculptures & Vessels

  • Medium:Sculptures & Vessels
  • Product type:UNIQUE
  • Price:$1200.00


Michael Hunter "Dizzy" decorative shallow glass bowl. "The bowl is made from 3 incalmo sections, the outside two sections are alternating "vetro a fili" whilst the centre is a latticcinio incalmo section. The three cups are pre-made and fused together while hot at the furnace. It's very complex and technical, this style combines ancient Venetian techniques."- Michael Hunter. Signed "Vetro #2". Diameter 12 1/4", height 2 1/8".

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