FAQ for Masterpiece Online

I'm a Visitor/Collector to Masterpiece Online

What is Masterpiece Online?

Masterpiece Online is the largest collection of curated art and antiques available for purchase. It is a web marketplace that displays the art and antique collections of hundreds of art galleries and thousands of artists from around the world. In total there are millions of pieces representing billions of dollars of value. Visitors to Masterpiece Online will be able to browse, share, buy and even bid on items included in our eBay style auction. 

Is Masterpiece Online New?

No... and Yes! Masterpiece Online is a completely new version of a marketplace site that has been supporting customers of Masterpiece Manager for over 15 years. 

What Do You Mean by Curated Collection?

All of the art represented on Masterpiece Online is published by users of Masterpiece Manager art business software. These are art businesses, mostly retail art galleries that pay a monthly subscription to conduct their day to day art business. All of the art you see in Masterpiece Online is represented by a commercial art business. 

Can I Buy the Art or Antiques I Find Here?

Yes. The galleries and artists publishing inventory to Masterpiece Online can choose to make their inventory available for purchase. All items available for purchase will display an "Add to Cart" button. Notification of your purchases will be sent directly to the galleries representing the items. The galleries and artists you purchase from will be responsible for arranging the delivery of new purchases to you. 

Why Can't I Buy some of the Items I See?

The galleries and artists publishing to Masterpiece Online are in complete control of exactly what they display and make available to sell or auction. If the eCommerce (Add to Cart) feature is disabled for an item the gallery or artist would prefer you contact them to make payment and delivery arrangements with them. Next to every item you will find and "Inquiry" button. This will open a form that will allow you to send a direct email message to the aritst or gallery representing the item. 

When I Purchase, Who am I Buying From?

You will be buying directly from the gallery or artist business representing the items. Masterpiece Online is a software and web site tool. It does not represent or own any inventory displayed in the web site. When you complete a purchase, you will receive an email confirmation of all your purchases. The business representing the items will receive your transaction notification. They will be responsible for completing the payment processing and shipping the tiem(s) to you. If there are any questions or issues with your purchase, the business will contact you directly to resolve. 

I Received an Email Notice Following My Purchase, but My Credit Card was not Charged. What's Up?

Through the years, working with art galleries we've learned that sometimes there are questions about framing options, taxes, packing or shipping that need to be answered before a final price can be determined. As a result we do not process the payment immediately. If the gallery or artist needs to contact you to discuss anything, they will do so. If not, they will process your payment and ship your item out to you. They will also send you a receipt to confirm when this is completed. 

Does Masterpiece Online Charge Extra for my Purchases?

No. The price published for every item is the price set by the gallery or artist representing the piece. Masterpiece Online does not charge any extra fees, taxes or shipping charges. The gallery or artist representing the items may add taxes or shipping charges at their discretion.

I am a Gallery/Artist Interested in Working with Masterpiece Online

How do I publish my collection to Masterpiece Online? 

Masterpiece Online is a service provided to subscribers of Masterpiece Manager art business software. Masterpiece Manager is a complete gallery management software and web site solution. All subscribers to Masterpiece Manager can publish any or all of their art or antique collection to Masterpiece Online. If interested, please email Masterpiece Manager Client Services. or visit the Masterpiece Manager web site. 

How Much Does Masterpiece Online Cost?

Publishing to Masterpiece Online is included as part of your subscription to Masterpiece Online. There are no fees to publish your art or antique inventory. Only when and item is sold or successfully auctioned will you will be billed for 3% of the selling price of the items. 

How will I be Billed?

We ask that you keep your payment details updated and on file with Masterpiece. You will receive a monthly statement detailing all purchases made from your collections. This statement will also provide the purchase prices and note the 3% fee, which will be auto paid through your credit card. 

Can I Pay by Check?

No. 3% is a very low rate that requires that we automate the billing process. We are unable to offer this service at this rate if we allow manual payment processing. 

Do I Have to be an Art Gallery to use Masterpiece Online?

We assume  that if you spend your hard earned money to subscribe to Masterpiece Manager software you are an art business professional. That is good enough for us. 

Is There a Limits to the Amount of Inventory I can Publish to Masterpiece Online?

No. We have customers with tens of thousands of items displaying in Masterpiece Online. 

How Fast can I get Started?

Many of our clients are publishing to Masterpiece Online the same day they order the Masterpiece Manager software. We can make your software available to you the same day you order. As soon as you've entered your inventory information you can publish it to Masterpiece Online. 

Can you Guarantee that My Art or Antiques will Sell?

No! Just like there are no guarantees that retail galleries will succeed. Our job is to build a beautiful, easily navigated web site desitination for your inventory to live. We work very hard, every day to rank highly in search results to attract visitors. Your job is to fill Masterpiece Online with amazing works that will be interesting to all of these visitors. Historically this has generated thousands and thousands of leads and countless value in sales for our customers.