Testimonials for Masterpiece - posted on Capterra

We recently upgraded to Masterpiece and a new web site. One word... Awesome!

Very intuitive. No longer need constant contact. REAL TIME DATA on our website. Having the photos in this POS / Inventory system which automatically feeds the website at the time of item setup. Once an item sells the items shows a red dot on the web, showing it sold, and then the item is automatically taken off the website 3 days later. This is eliminating the need for 1 full time employee between the website updates automatically taking place and the email/client information always update and not having to know another system (constant contact, etc.)."

- West Live On Gallery

They know the art business, and what galleries need

"Masterpiece is an incredible time-saver with real-time website updating upon a sale and upon adding new inventory. Customer service is out of this world! the team respond quickly and positively to anything we need. They are a dream to work with. Having come from years working with ArtCloud, I am very happy with my decision to work with Masterpiece Manager for my gallery inventory, POS, website, artist commission reports, and e-mail marketing."

- Markay Gallery

Great chill and easy software that flows

"The ease and simplicity along with the comprehensive understanding of how a business works and how this integrates with business. Business organization and productivity rates through the roof!"

- Old Towne Gallery

Not only is this the best All-in-one system for your art and clients, but the service is fantastic.

"Everything is stored in one place, your art, artists, clients and transactions. Everything you need to know or view is together - no more separate systems. Love how our website is attached to our inventory and is updated in real time as inventory is added and sold."

- Isaacs Art Center

Masterpiece Manager, is an easy way to promote yourself and your work as an artist. 

"Masterpiece is a cool and a very good app for promote yourself and stay in contact with what's new, events and much more! The interface and options are very simple to handle. Is very intuitive and effective. As an artist, i can assure you that it won't be a waste of your time. Give yourself a try and enter the easiest way to see and purchase art."

- Artist

Masterpiece Manager, is an easy way to promote yourself and your work as an artist. Masterpiece has been awesome!

"I like using this product. Masterpiece has helped me display my art and connect me with the online world"

- Artist