Daud Akhriev

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  • City:Olvera
  • State/Province:Cadiz
  • Country:Spain
From the Present Towa... by  Daud Akhriev - Masterpiece Online
From the Present Towa...
  • Artist Name:

    Daud Akhriev

  • Size:20 X 24
  • Frame Size:0 X 0
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  • Medium:Oil on Linen
  • Product type:UNIQUE


This house in Maine collapsed. It was one of the oldest houses on the island. When we first visited this island the school had one student. Now there are 14 students. Now children play around the island, and their laughter bounces around the harbor. I imagined this girl near the now-absent house, as if the children are causing a rebirth of the island.

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