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Terra Sigillata Ampho... by   Roman - Masterpiece Online
Terra Sigillata Ampho...
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The combination of graceful curving forms, a striking red gloss surface and the intricate raised design make this amphora an exceptional example of Roman terra sigillata pottery — literally “stamped clay.” Used for everyday dining throughout the empire, vessels such as this were mold made to assure quality, continuity and the precise placement of ornamentation. Here, the lower part of the vessel, which recalls Hellenistic Greek gilded silver bowls, is adorned with flowering tendrils, panthers and serpents, and dogs chasing deer. The marriage of the silver bowl form with the overall amphora shape—discs at the handles, a sharply delineated lip, strongly curved neck and articulated foot—is extremely rare. It reflects forms more usually found in luxury metalware.

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