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Hecate by   Roman - Masterpiece Online
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As an ancient chthonian deity, Hecate was primarily associated with the underworld. At her most basic level, she was believed to protect worshipers from demons and spirits and was given a triple body to illustrate her power over the sky, earth, and underworld and her fusion of the lunar goddesses Selene, Artemis, and Hekate. This statue adheres to the original concept of the triple-bodied form, yet has classicized the Archaic or archaizing elements. Thus, the figures still wear the high-waisted, long peplos, but the folds are rendered as soft cascades rather than zig-zag patterns. Likewise the hair is depicted in a more Classical form. The vast international community that arose in the Mediterranean after the death of Alexander the Great (the ensuing Hellenistic period of 323-30 BC) not only expanded the worship of the goddess, but also contributed to the evolution of her image.

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