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Candelabrum by   Roman - Masterpiece Online
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  • Medium:marble
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Emerging from an acanthus calyx at the base is a column narrowing as it rises to a flared circular rim which was intended to support a basin. The shaft of the column is decorated in delicate relief with a lozenge pattern of overlapping leaves; at the center of each lozenge is a group of 4 berries. The carving is indicative of early Roman Imperial work, ca. the 1st century A.D. Marble candelabra are thought to mimic forms of bronze Etruscan incense burners of the 6th and 5th centuries BC. These were adopted by the Greeks and finally revived in marble in Augustan Rome. They were primarily functional and decorative, but occasionally had a votive nature as well. Their original use as incense burners may have lingered and resulted in this religious usage. Roman reliefs frequently depict Eroti or Victoriae sacrificing on either side of a candelabrum.

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