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Northwest Coast Nativ... by  Unknown Unknown - Masterpiece Online
Northwest Coast Nativ...
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  • Size:11.75 X 2.75
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A rare Native American fish effigy representing a salmon, carved from whale bone, and dating to 18th to 19th century. Carved Whale Bone, heavily weathered/worn, with signs of much ethnographic use. Length - 11.75" / Width - 2.75Depth: 2” Wood Base - 9" x 2" x 1.75" ?? Probably Tsimshian in origin, as they are known to use salmon effigies during ceremonies to welcome the salmon who arrive in their rivers during the spawning season. The Tsimshian have traditionally used whale bone for small ornaments and carvings. There is no collection history attached to this piece and so although it is attributed to Tsimshian on stylistic characteristics (see photo comparison below), there is a slight possibility that it could also be Haida or Tlingit.??The salmon effigy is carved from a rough piece of whale bone and is simple in form. The features are simple and representative of the fish, without elaboration or added artistic detail, as ceremonial use only required an effigy to represent the sal

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