Herb Kawainui Kane (1928-2011)

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Pele: Goddess of Hawa... by  Herb Kawainui Kane (1928-2011) - Masterpiece Online
Pele: Goddess of Hawa...
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    Herb Kawainui Kane (1928-2011)

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Writing, art and design by Herb Kawainui Kane. Myths, legends, romances and folktales of the most fascinating goddess of old Hawaii. Pele lives in Hawaiian hearts and minds as the personification of volcanic majesty and power. Having the power to create new land, she has a volcanic personality - an impetuous, lusty nature, jealous, unpredictable, capable of sudden fury and great violence. Yet she can also be gentle, loving and as serene as her forests of verns and flowering trees. The Kawainui Press, 11th edition, 2010, paperback, 71 pages.

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