Isaac Grünewald

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Full length nude by  Isaac Grünewald - Masterpiece Online
Full length nude
  • Artist Name:

    Isaac Grünewald

  • Size:49 X 23
  • Frame Size:68 X 42
  • Category:

    Classic Modernism

  • Medium:Red chalk on paper
  • Product type:UNIQUE


About the Artist Isaac Grünewald was born on September 2, 1889 in Stockholm and his name has become synonymous with the early modern art movement in Sweden. Born the son of an antique dealer he attended the Swedish Art Academy from 1905 - 1908, then went on to study with other Swedish and international students in Paris with Henri Matisse as his teacher from 1908 - 1911. Along the way, Grünewald was a central figure in the artists' group that came to be called The Young Ones ("De Unga") with important exhibitions that introduced modern art to Sweden. Grünewald's art and that of the others of their movement was considered radical and controversial at the time, but has now come to be considered among the most highly appreciated and influential 20th century art of Sweden. Grünewald went on to paint and create in various media in studio and monumental scale and was an important teacher to subsequent generations of artists. He died in a plane crash in 1946. About this Artwork Despite

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