Alfred Eisenstaedt

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Queen Anne's Lace wit... by  Alfred Eisenstaedt - Masterpiece Online
Queen Anne's Lace wit...
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    Alfred Eisenstaedt

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  • Medium:Pigment Print
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Date: 1967 Location: Martha's Vineyard, MA 16x20 50 Embossed Description: Lighthouse towers over the surrounding area, Queen Anne's lace in the foreground. This flower originated in Europe and was named for the lacey nature of the flower head. Understandably, it was very popular during the reign of Queen Anne. Also known as Wild Carrot, this wildflower is easy to grow, and is prolific in spreading its seeds by the wind. It can be found growing wild along roadsides and in fields almost anywhere in the U.S. Left fallow, Queen Anne's Lace quickly spreads. Queen Anne's Lace is a biennial that normally grows three to four feet tall, but can grow almost five feet in the right conditions. Its flowers are white and sometimes pink.

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