Diana Van Nes

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  • City:New Canaan
  • State/Province:CT
  • Country:Not Available
Shadow Syndrome by  Diana Van Nes - Masterpiece Online
Shadow Syndrome
  • Artist Name:

    Diana Van Nes

  • Size:60 X 96
  • Frame Size:66 X 102
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  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Product type:UNIQUE


Shadow Syndrome My father never spoke of the war. It was my mother who told me he was awarded a Purple Heart. He never spoke of his injury. My mother said his left arm was hit by a hand grenade as he drove his jeep through combat. It happened in Sicily, she said, in 1945. That was all I knew as a child. I looked at his shirt sleeve - pressed white oxford cloth hanging empty from his six foot six frame. The war came home with him. Mutated, it was his shadow - a phantom plagued the broken man who lived in our house. When he died he was young and so was I. The October wind hurried starched white clouds across blue sky while soldiers buried one of their own. The air was crisp with dignity and honor. The flag covered his casket. Twenty-one canon shots resounded in my stomach. Each note of taps hung in the air then moved across my cheeks chilling warm tears. I felt layers of sadness, anguish finally contained lowered into the earth. The war was over, I thought. -Diana van Nes

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