Diana Van Nes

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  • City:New Canaan
  • State/Province:CT
  • Country:Not Available
Harbinger by  Diana Van Nes - Masterpiece Online
  • Artist Name:

    Diana Van Nes

  • Size:46 X 70
  • Frame Size:48 X 72
  • Category:


  • Medium:Mixed Media
  • Product type:UNIQUE


Harbinger The Letter is written to my mother, Nancy Jones Nicholson, from my father and his friends while serving in Italy during World War II. The tone is playful, with serious undercurrents. My father would be severely wounded just days after he wrote this letter. With hindsight, I constructed this piece with the knowledge that the handkerchief would become a symbol of my father’s surrender to the war, the stitches he would receive to close his wounds and my fathers desire to bury the experience in his subconscious; yet the memory of the the event seemed to always resurface. -Diana van Nes 2004

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